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i3TOUCH E-ONE 1.3.0

i3TOUCH E-ONE 1.3.0

Released 21/Nov/22


  • Update i3SETUPWIZARD
  • Update i3ALLSYNC
  • Add Italian to E-One Firmware
  • Add Hungarian to E-One Firmware
  • Add Lithuanian to E-One Firmware
  • Add Romanian to E-One Firmware
  • Add Norwegian to E-One Firmware
  • Miracast development on EONE
  • The Miracast application can use "Wifi Direct" to allow mobile devices to connect
  • Import Catalan UI strings
  • Translate UI strings to Catalan
  • As a user, I can select the Catalan language on my device
  • Default permission granted for ALLSYNC and CastTo


  • i3ANNOTATE (i3WHITEBOARD) is not able to capture the content of external video input sources
  • The Miracast stream is not switching when a second Miracast stream is accepted
  • Factory testing APP shouldn't be listed in Setting, or at least it shouldn't be with a Chinese name.
  • i3-SystemService crashes while brightness is automatically adjusted.
  • ALLSYNC cannot adjust the volume by Windows transmitter application
  • i3ALLSYNC requests permission to capture the screen after every boot
  • Our scrcpy tool (development) does not work well on EONE

Full list of packed applications in Firmware 1.3.0:


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