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i3TOUCH X-ONE 1.1.7 - 11-03-22


  • XONE-424 Adjusted the presets of the subwoofer volume

  • XONE-308 Improved the typical power consumption of the device

  • XONE-228 Added OPS settings to the settings app

  • XONE-226 Added display settings to the settings app

  • XONE-384 Added supporting tools for the Recent apps page

  • XONE-385 Removed Android TV Settings app

  • XONE-386 Modified the manifest of the Launcher3 to not be listed as Launcher app

Resolved bugs

  • XONE-406 Fixed the Ethernet connection not always working
  • XONE-380 Fixed the Mini Jack Audio output not working

  • XONE-342 Fixed a shutdown power schedule task converting into a Start-up task after editing

  • XONE-340 Fixed occasional freezes while displaying USB-C video source

  • XONE-334 Fixed occasional crashes while the HDMI video source enters a standby mode

Other changes

  • XONE-395 Moved the "Serial Number" property a level higher to a more accessible location

  • XONE-398 Removed the Accounts sub menu

  • XONE-397 Removed the "Backup" settings

  • XONE-401 Removed the share button of connected networks

  • XONE-396 Removed "Shortcut from lock screen" settings

  • XONE-394 Removed the "Hardware version" field

  • XONE-415 Removed the "Screen saver" options

  • XONE-414 Removed the "Lock screen" options

  • XONE-411 Removed the "Display size" settings

  • XONE-413 Removed the "Display size" settings
  • XONE-410 Removed the "Font size" settings
  • XONE-412 Removed the "Font size" settings

  • XONE-402 Removed "Notifications on lock screen" settings

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