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i3TOUCH X-ONE 1.2.4 - 25-05-22

i3TOUCH X-ONE 1.2.4

Released 25/May/22


  • XONE-15 Added support for RS232 Protocol via IP

Resolved Bugs

  • XONE-499 Resolved weird touch behavior (1 second delay) when the touch data is above a certain size

  • XONE-488 Resolved the RS232 function on the serial port is not enabled after system upgrade

  • XONE-487 Resolved "Connection Refused" when attempting to send RS232 commands via LAN/IP

  • XONE-475 Resolved Catalan language not available in the Language Settings of the Settings app.

Other Changes

  • XONE-270 Switched default serial connection to RS232 Mode

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