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Chapter 3: i3ALLSYNC Transmitter Software and Applications

There is an application for each operating system:



  • Download the i3ALLSYNC application via the Play Store (By scanning QR code on the receiver How-to-connect section or via

  • The Android application provides:

    • Screen mirroring

    • No Touchback (not possible because of Android)

    • No sound on your interactive touch display (not possible because of Android)

  • Or use Google Cast.


  • Download the application via

  • The macOS application provides:

    • Touchback.

    • Sound on your interactive touch display.

    • Screen mirroring.

    • Or use Airplay.

      • No Touchback (no Touchback possible because of macOS).

    • Or use Google Cast.


  • Via Airplay

    • No Touchback (no Touchback possible because of macOS).

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