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i3Allsync4.0 App and dongles (i3ALLSYNC Windows Tx)

i3Allsync4.0 App and dongles (i3ALLSYNC Windows Tx)

Released 7/Mar/24

What's new in i3ALLSYNC

First of all, we made a couple of important updates to proprietary casting protocols:

  • improved airplay quality
  • updated google cast (Chromecast)

Secondly, new features are implemented:

  • support for the new 5GHz USB C Transmitter
  • moderator mode gives you more control over your session

Lastly, this release contains a decent amount of bugfixes

What's the user impact?

  • Installation of the i3TOUCH ALLSYNC component will be executed automatically through i3STORE.
  • Windows and MacOS transmitters require MANUAL UPDATE.
    This release contains breaking changes, it is necessary for users of the Windows and MacOS Transmitters to update the software.
    The new versions will be available on our download page.
  • Android Transmitter software will be updated automatically through the google Play store.

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