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i3CAMERA PRO - User Manual EN

Product Appearance

What’s in the box?

  • i3CAMERA P1201

  • Remote Control Unit

  • USB 3.0 cable

  • Quick Start Guide

Remote Control

Product Features

4K Ultra High Definition

The camera supports 4K-UHD video output, at a maximum of 30 frames per second. Other available resolutions include 1080p (default), 720p, and other resolutions.

USB 3.0 UC Protocol Specification

Fully featured USB 3.0 interface, power supply, video and audio connection in one. It also supports two channels of video signal, and one channel of audio source.

Wide Dynamic Range

The camera features WDR, which allows it to cope with different lighting environments. Even in harsh lighting conditions, the camera will be able to capture “the real you”.

Long Range Built-in Microphone

With the built-in microphone array, the camera will pick up the sound clearly from a distance up to 6 meters. A unique suppression algorithm makes your voice perfect.


The application of 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithm provides clean and clear picture quality even under ultra-low lighting conditions, and the SNR of image is as high as 55dB.

Safety Precautions

During Installation

This product should be placed on a smooth surface (e.g. table, desk, top of display, etc) where the camera can remain stable.

During Cleaning

The shell of this product is an organic material and should not come into contact with any gas or liquid that may cause corrosion to the material.

Do Not Disassemble

This product does not have parts that are repairable or replaceable by the user. Damage caused by the user’s own disassembly will void the warranty.

During Operation

Foreign electromagnetic fields at certain frequencies caused by other machinery or appliances may distort or otherwise affect the image of the camera.

Product Specifications



1/2.5'', CMOS, Effective Pixel: 8.0M

Scanning Mode


Lens Mount



Focus: f=2.8mm, FOV: 120°

Minimal Illumination

0.05 Lux @ (F1.8, AGC ON)


1/30s ~ 1/10000s

White Balance

Auto, Indoor, Outdoor, One Push, Manual, VAR

Camera bracket

bracket with damper

Digital Noise Reduction

2D, 3D digital noise reduction

Backlight Compensation



Compatible Operating System

Windows, Linux, MacOS

Color / Compression



MJPEG: 3840x2160 (default), 160x120, 176x144, 320x240, 352x288, 640x480, 720x576, 1600x896,
1280x720, 1024x768, 1024x576, 960x540, 848x480, 800x600, 800x448, 640x360, 480x272, 424x240, 320x180, 1920x1080

YUY2: 640x480 (default), 640x360

H.264: 1920x1080 (default), 320x240, 352x288, 640x480, 720x576, 1600x896, 1280x720, 1024x768, 1024x576, 960x540, 848x480, 800x600, 800x448,
640x360, 480x270, 424x240, 320x180, 3840x2160

NV12: 1920x1080 (default), 640x480,
1280x720, 640x360

USB Communication Protocol

UVC 1.1


Supported (EPTZ)


USB Interface

1 x USB 3.0: Type B female


Input Voltage

5V (USB power supply)

Power Consumption

0.6A (3W)

Operating Temperature

-10°C ~ 40°C

Storage Temperature

-40°C ~ 60°C


186mm x 47mm x 34mm (without bracket)



Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Camera Maintenance

  • Use a soft cloth or cotton paper to remove dust from the camera housing.

  • When cleaning the camera lens, please use a dry soft cloth to wipe. If the lens is seriously dirty, gently use a soft neutral cleaner product that is not a corrosive detergent.


  • Filming particularly bright light sources (e.g. sun, lights, ...)

  • Strong dynamic lighting conditions. The camera will have a lot of work to keep adjusting the automatic compensation.

  • Using the camera near high power radio waves.


The conferencing software does not find the i3CAMERA’s camera, or microphone?

  • Verify that the USB cable is properly connected to the PC.

  • Upon first connection to the PC, the Operating System may first install missing HID drivers. Please wait until finished and the Operating System notifies you that the device is ready for use.

  • Verify that the PC’s operating system has properly detected and activated the camera in the device manager.

  • Look for any camera settings in your conferencing software. A laptop may initially prefer to use an integrated webcam. Most software should have settings to select the camera input source.

  • Verify that the camera’s video output is not disabled, and that the microphones are not muted. (see remote control).

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