Compatibility Requirements

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  • With which kind of interactive flat panel does this work?

Compatibility with IFP’s from i3-Technologies
i3RDM work seamlessly with any recent type of interactive flat panel from i3-Technologies. As long as the device is running on Android 7.0 or higher you are able to take full control using i3RDM.

We assure full compatibility with our latest models:

  • i3TOUCH E10R, EX, PX, PXr

Compatibility with other brands
i3-Technologies strives to offer open systems that are compatible with existing infrastructure and hardware. Therefore we have made it possible to use i3RDM to control devices from other brands. The compatibility requirement remains the same; as long as the device has Android 7.0 or higher on board it can be enrolled into i3RDM.

Also have a look at how to acquire the i3RDM app if you want to enroll a display from a different brand. See: