i3RDM Client 2.8.0

Released 14/Nov/22


  • Update device info response with automaticFirmwareUpdates info
  • as the system I can work as a proxy for updating the automatic FW updates setting
  • as the system I can work as a proxy for the FW update command
  • Set display name as instructed by RDMS
  • Decrease the importance level of the RDM-connected notification
  • Provide or apply a list of applications to be installed or removed from the device


  • RDMC client crashed after trying to disable automatic updates
  • RDM client not dispatching command response when firmware has been updated
  • RDM retains notification settings in the database even after update (so the noise is still playing)
  • Panels that booted without internet connection don't connect to RDM after connecting to internet
  • Installing multiple apps from the device overview only installs 1 apk
  • Installing two applications after eachother remotely (fast) fails the second application
  • Toggling restricted mode succesful but command history says "initial" and afterwards "failed" in RDMS
  • the RDM UI does not reflect the actual state of the connection to the server