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i3RDM Server 1.10.0

i3RDM Server 1.10.0

Released 27/Jun/22

New features

  • Office365 authentication:
    • As an RDM user I can link my O365 account
    • As an RDM user I can log in with an O365 account
    • As an RDM user I can accept an invitation with my Office 365 account


  • Code cleanup + small query tweaks
  • Create applications in Azure portal and Auth0
  • As a user I want to be able to see real time data on the device detail page
  • As a user I want to see real time data on the dashboard
  • Migrated server to Laravel 9 and PHP 8


  • Wrong version name shown in application list of device detail
  • Labels not translated on device details page
  • Failed configurations captures can be selected to apply to devices
  • Remove hard API rate limit
  • Websocket is disconnected and reconnected periodically
  • Uploading APKs in RDM console fails
  • Unable to change the licensed number of devices
  • Pending Actions - fixed timestamp
  • Pulling a config of a device with a 4k wallpaper results in a http500 from the server
  • Power Schedules are not sent through to displays if applied via Configuration or via device list
  • In "expanded" mode the table action buttons didn't work
  • Issues when upgrading third party apps from RDM
  • Unable to delete users when they executed commands.
  • When a tenant admin changes the administrator email address for a specific tenant a new user is created
  • Javascript translations missing on long running sessions
  • Uploading large APK files will cause server to hang

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