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i3RDM Server 2.4.2 (maintenance)

i3RDM Server 2.4.2 (maintenance)

Released 2/May/24


  • Widget tiles to applications in already created Remote configs (before RDMS 2.4.2) won't install the application
  • Quick Actions of applications not showing at all or incomplete
  • Device details 500 exception due to device properties missing data
  • Locking and unlocking a PX or ES with a pincode is no longer possible
  • Can't enable Restricted mode anymore on ES and PX
  • If a launcher tile does not contain the package_id the tiles editor is not functioning correctly
  • Filter app list in device details for tiles and digital signage settings if app has launch intent
  • Command cleanup job does not mark subcommands as failed
  • Second power command is not executed
  • Uplink and downlink speed data don't make no sense at all
  • Can't add user as an RDM tenant user if the user exists as a user profiles user

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