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i3STUDIO Transition - ENG

The complete software suite of i3TOUCH will transition from BIZ/EDU Studio into a robust and resilient new software suite called i3STUDIO. This new exciting software roadmap will offer a completely new user experience and keep your i3TOUCH fleet functioning healthily while bringing an answer to the evolving customer needs.

The migration towards i3STUDIO is phased into 3 steps;

  • Phase 1 – JUNE 2021: COMPLETE

  • Phase 2 – AUGUST 24th 2021: i3STUDIO Launch → delayed and combined with Phase 3

  • Phase 3 – OCTOBER 2021 - RELEASED

Phase 1: New technical foundation & state-of-the-art whiteboarding application

The first step in the roadmap was the deployment of an update of BIZ/EDU Studio containing important technical upgrades of the whiteboarding functionality. To read the full overview of i3WHITEBOARD check here.

Key new features:

  • Infinite canvas

  • Object manipulation

  • New backgrounds

and much more….

Phase 2: i3STUDIO Launch - August 24th 

In Phase 2, the official launch of i3STUDIO, a completely new user experience will be deployed by the means of a new launcher with new features, customization options, and an awesome user experience. Next to whiteboarding, we’ve also massively improved the annotate (which is now integrated into the whiteboarding application) and present functionalities.

We will also be releasing our new firmware OTA (over-the-air updates) platform. i3STUDIO makes sure your i3TOUCH device is up-to-date with the latest firmware and software at all times. Through remote deployment, we can anticipate upcoming failures and have your software updates even before the issue occurs.

To assure that end-users don’t lose track of all changes and improved capabilities of their i3TOUCH, we will introduce a messaging system that notifies the user – on-screen in the launcher – of upcoming updates and will allow for easier and hassle-free updates of the software.

Further integration with i3RDM will allow system administrators to get more control over their device fleet from a distance. We will allow them to copy device configurations and deploy them remotely to a complete fleet of other devices, lock device configurations, or deploy UI themes.

Note: Users will have the ability to stick to the old launcher and decide for themselves when they want to migrate to the new i3STUDIO launcher.

Phase 3: End-user notification/engagement & extended functional capabilities


Our ambition is to make the lives of our customers easier by deploying adequate solutions that support the end-users in their day-to-day challenges. i3STUDIO plays a major role in the pursuit of this objective. Thanks to the OTA support, our i3STUDIO will continuously evolve with recurring updates throughout the year in order to serve our customers the tools and solutions they need to be successful in their day-to-day challenges.

Fully stacked for great performance

i3STUDIO is built on completely new and future-proof technical architecture with improved management capabilities including notification and messaging system, integrated support, and OTA updates.

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