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i3SystemService 2.15.0

i3SystemService 2.15.0

Released 2/Apr/24


  • As a user on any i3STUDIO device, I can now access the bottom menu toggle in the i3STUDIO appearance settings
  • Define and use new X3 model property
  • As a user I see that the new duplicate WB menu and bottom menu feature are only available on E-ONE +
  • Support duplicate menu's in WB for EONE+
  • Enable palm erase in Whiteboard for all X2 devices
  • Bump min SDK level + check for BTS related issues
  • Implement EDLA compliant SDK for X3


  • Apps not able to update anymore after upgrade to latest studio (ES and PX)
  • PX shows motion sensor options that don't apply to the device
  • Installing app from i3RDM failed, PendingIntent missing
  • Enabling backlight when already active causes the screen to flicker
  • Removing a boot or shutdown task on device is not recognized by RDM
  • ON android 13 devices resizing the motion sensor activity makes that activity crash
  • The side menus are missing after a i3SYSTEMSERVICE app-update through the i3STORE -> AIDL improvements


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