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PX and PXr Firmware 3.0.3 (including i3Studio)

PX and PXr Firmware 3.0.3 (including i3Studio)

This upgrade contains a new software package for your i3TOUCH PX,
and will completely transition your BIZ/EDU Launcher into a robust and resilient new software suite called i3STUDIO.

You can find a complete and detailed guides on how to transition to i3STUDIO at

In this official launch of i3STUDIO, a completely new user experience will be deployed by the means of a new launcher with new features, customization options, and an awesome user experience.
Next to whiteboarding, we’ve also massively improved the annotate (which is now integrated into the whiteboarding application) and present functionalities.

(1) New i3STUDIO Configuration Wizard.
(2) New i3STUDIO Home Screen
(3) Upgraded i3WHITEBOARD whiteboarding
(4) Upgraded Legacy Launcher
(5) Upgraded firmware update client
(6) Added notification system
(7) Added Home Screen widget system
(8) Upgraded i3STORE app store
(9) Upgraded i3RDM Remote Device Management
(10) Upgraded i3ALLSYNC Wireless Presenting
(11) Added i3ALLSYNC Cast-to
(12) Integrated i3CAIR widget
(13) Upgraded Chromium web browser
(14) Upgraded System Services
(15) Resolved the Screencapture function of the multi-functional button.
(16) Added customizable device name
(17) Changed migration path in Wizzard
(18) Fixed various UI related issues

NOTE: To install this firmware, you'll first need all the latest app-updates, available in i3STORE application. (i3-SystemServices v1.4.0, in particular)

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