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The annotate interface is very similar to the whiteboard interface. This consists of 2 main parts:

  • Floating Tools Menu

  • Annotation Canvas

Floating tools menu.

Clicking on the floating tools menu will activate it and show 6 options.

Close i3OVERLAY, this will also delete all notes

Export to whiteboard

Marker, you can write with semi-transparant ink

Pen, normal writing behaviour

Eraser, erase parts of the canvas

Pointer, will hide notes and make the background interactive again

Close annotation

This will close the annotate application and delete all notes permanently, there is no option to retrieve deleted content.

Export to whiteboard

This will make an image of your notes combined with the current background and send it to the whiteboard application. It will happen in the background, so you can continue working in the annotate application and once you return to the whiteboard application all your screenshots will be available in separate pages.

There are 2 export options:

  • Fullscreen Screenshot

    This will take a screenshot off the entire visible screen and export it to the whiteboard application.

  • Crop Screenshot

    This option will provide the user with a cropping view. The user can position and resize the rectangle exactly to the area he wants to screenshot. At the bottom there will be 2 buttons, to cancel the cropping and to submit and send it to the whiteboard application.

Marker, Pen & Eraser

By selecting one of the canvas tools (marker, pen or eraser) it will open a second level of options. Each tool has its own options, so changing thickness or colour of one tool will not change it for another. The slider is used for selecting the tool writing thickness, the number at the top indicates the selected width ranging from 1-10. The 5 coloured circles are preselect options to quickly change marker or pen colour, the eraser will not have this option.


The eraser also has an other option in the second level of the floating tools menu. The delete option will permanently remove all notes from the current canvas.


The pointer option enables the user to interact with the device without needing to close the annotate application. This will hide the current notes but they will not be deleted, they will be temporally saved in the background.

Annotation canvas

This is the biggest part of the whiteboard. Here, you can write using the canvas tools.

Active stylus

The active stylus writes with black digital ink by default.

Finger writing / drawing

At start-up of the annotate application, touching the canvas with a finger will activate the eraser function on default. This allows for the quickest note-taking experience: write with stylus, erase with finger.

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