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i3Whiteboard 1.12.1

i3Whiteboard 1.12.1

Released 16/May/23


  • When logging in as user with the new User Profiles-feature, the cloud storages are automatically linked

  • Added position numbering in the canvas preview menu

  • Duplicate a complete canvas by applying a long press on the canvas in the preview menu

  • Added VR tools in Annotate

  • Change default position for backgrounds to middle position relative to the current canvas

  • Exporting as a PDF to local file system or a USB stick

  • Import images from local file system, USB stick or use share image functionality in browser


  • When whiteboard is set to blackboard mode, Annotate no longer worked

  • Backgrounds are drawn on the foreground instead of the background in PDF exports

  • Fix typo in SWOT analysis background

  • in i3Annotate the 4-finger erase is not functioning

  • i3Whiteboard turns black and crash when using system split-screen

  • undoing and redoing after annotate has sent a screenshot can crash whiteboard

  • Circular shapes (circle and ellipse) showed weird bounding boxes when rotating

  • various other improvements and bugfixes

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