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i3Whiteboard 1.17.0

i3Whiteboard 1.17.0

Released 2/Apr/24


  • Close thickness slider when switching tools
  • As an E-ONE+ user, I can duplicate the i3WHITEBOARD tool menu to be shown on the right side of the screen
  • As a user I can easily rotate, scale and move the AR ruler
  • Debug settings useful for development and testing
  • As an i3WHITEBOARD user, I can toggle the VR tools in the whiteboard settings menu
  • Change border colour opacity in features menu
  • Allow user to open from USB or cloud storage on WHITEBOARD "Start screen"
  • Implement new eraser
  • Refactor renderer to use bitmap buffers drawn to a single target
  • Add more intermediate buffering functionality in the renderer
  • Change the white color of the window UI of i3WHITEBOARD
  • As a user I can decide to remove my Google Drive and/or Onedrive info from my user profile
  • As a user I can easily rotate, scale and move the AR triangle
  • As an i3WHITEBOARD user, it is clear to me that the choice between whiteboard or blackboard mode is a board setting and not an application setting
  • As in i3WHITEBOARD user, I can determine whether a new board defaults in whiteboard or in blackboard mode


  • 4-finger erase is too small on 1.17 RC3 (on X2)
  • Crash when adding a sticky note or image and then changing from whiteboard to blackboard mode or vice versa
  • Top menu disappears in portrait menu
  • Arrow shape selectable area extends too far to the left
  • App crash when toggling white/blackboard with flavor active
  • clicking left of a bunch of objects with the selection pointer selects random objects
  • at zoomlevels lower than 40 - 30% the numbers on the AR tools start to overlap
  • canvas can disappear after opening another application.
  • Post-its are grey
  • arrow shapes are now filled instead of overlapping lines, however they are not filled with the correct active color.
  • Newly set value in line thickness doesn't auto-update other tools
  • Couldn't erase certain shapes with the new eraser
  • Drawing with the compass introduces a lot of latency on the drawing
  • After activating the AR tools in BIZ studio, the button appears but the submenu doesn't
  • The blackboard - setting is not visible in blackboard mode.
  • Issues with thickness sliders and selections
  • Camera is not properly updated when switching boards or when the camera does not have a common aspect ratio
  • When selecting a post-it or image with the pointer-tool, a features menu appears but it doesn't have any effect
  • Changing the thickness features of circle drawn by the compass leads to undesired results
  • Improved AIDL connection stability
  • Camera zoom level offset calculations are not always consistent on some displays and windowed mode or split-screen
  • Features menu does not re-appear after using 4-finger erase until you do another action
  • The "+ Add page" text in other languages than English is bunched up inside the button
  • Shade of settings menu doesn't show over side menu
  • When switching between Whiteboard & Blackboard mode the standard black colour should change to white and vice versa
  • Arrow shape using thickest thickness is not drawn correctly
  • The "import image" dialog can remain alive and pop up in unwanted places
  • Sticky notes and images have a features menu, but it doesn't really do anything
  • Compass: Drawing a circle for 15 degrees in one direction and then completing the circle in the other direction makes that circle disappear
  • Undo/ Redo buttons should be greyed out if it is no longer possible to undo or redo actions
  • if the page is at 100% zoom level, the 100% zoom button should be greyed out
  • Color picker is not activated when an object is selected that has a color in the archive.
  • After a first erase path is made, the second or third one will make the screen flicker.
  • Whiteboard canvas will auto resize if call back from Recent APP
  • Changing the features of a selected object, doesn't update the feature menu
  • Whiteboard in Splitscreen mode: 'zoom in'-button actually zooms out
  • Whiteboard crashes when inserting an image and then zooming in to 1000% and zooming back out
  • Couldn't save file to display storage until linked gdrive/onedrive was loaded
  • Random crashes when the boardlist is updated
  • When drawing at the edge of a canvas in splitscreen, with whiteboard is made the biggest possible, doesn't render what you drew
  • Highlighter tool maximum size could be bigger
  • on X-One When switching AOSP to dark mode, annotate switches to black mode, but the colors are mismatched
  • Duplicating a sticky note steals the contents of the original sticky note


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