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What's new in i3WHITEBOARD 1.16.0?

Overview of what’s new in i3WHITEBOARD 1.16.0

i3WHITEBOARD 1.16.0 focussed on some very specific UI improvements:

  • Tools scale more accurately according to the canvas zoom level.

  • Users can fine-tune the line thickness settings

Tools scale more accurately according to the canvas zoom level

When users zoomed in on the canvas, the line thickness could quickly become too big for users to write in. This was especially the case on certain templates.

With this update, we display an appropriate line thickness for each zoom level. This makes it easier for users to still be able to combine various line thicknesses without worrying about the zoom level being too high or low to still be readable.

Users can fine-tune the line thickness settings

i3WHITEBOARD 1.14.1 introduced the Features menu which simplified the line thickness setting for most of our users. Customer feedback, however, pointed out that some users required the option to work with thinner lines than the available options.

We now integrated the option for these users to set the thickness values while still maintaining the ease-of-use of having three options.

Long-press to set new values

By pressing and holding any of the line thickness buttons in the Features menu for a second, a sub menu will appear with a slider for each line thickness value, thin, regular and thick.

By default, the sliders will be centered. Dragging the slider cursor to the left will make the value thinner, dragging it to the right will make it thicker. While dragging, the new value will be displayed above the cursor.

Once changed, you can use these new values straight away. if you start drawing, the slider will disappear. To make it reappear again, for instance to return to the default values, simply long press any of the line thickness buttons again.

This feature is now available for all tools except eraser, text tool and sticky notes.


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