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Mechanical clearance & position

Only the standard mounting points of the display are to be used for installation.

Upon installation at least 5mm (0.2”) clearance is to be respected around the display to avoid any mechanical stress on the display.

Any moving mechanical pieces need to be at least 2cm (0.8”) away from the display.

Always adhere to and respect the local laws & regulations for installations.

The display is to be used in an upright and level position with a vertical inclination not exceeding +-5°.

Installation height for standard wall frame

(**) Adapt the installation height of the display to the reach height of a typical user. Consider using a height adjustable frame if necessary

It is the sole responsibility of the installer to judge the quality of the wall and its construction and the use the proper installation hardware. The installation hardware that comes with the display, is solely for solid walls in perfect conditions.

(X) At least 4 ppints at the outermost edges of the frame are to be used for its fixation to the wall.

(*) The given values are calculated using the supplier standard wall frame in its default position.


Fixed installation on a standard wall frame

  1. Despite the use of weight saving technologies during the design of the display, these displays have substantial weights, increasing with its size.
    Always respect local laws & regulations w.r.t. maximum weight to be lifted by a single person.
    In any case, at least 2 people and at least 4 people for sizes above 90” are needed to lift the display.

  2. Make sure that both vertical brackets correctly snap behind the top profile of the wall frame (see detail)

  3. From underneath the display, fix both safety screws onto the wall frame to hold the display firmly in place.

  4. Always confirm correct installation and mechanical fixation before leaving the display unattended.


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