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The whiteboard button enables users to take notes on a blank canvas (whiteboard) in just one click. 

When a user clicks the "Whiteboard" button, the application i3NOTES+ will open.  

Whiteboard button configurations 

The whiteboard button can be configured in the settings where either i3NOTES+. Also here you can select "custom application" if you would like to choose a customized whiteboard application instead of i3NOTES+.

It is possible to use an UWP application to replace the default whiteboard application. To be able to do so, a link to the UWP application should be created first. That link can then be used. 

Following steps explain how to make a shortcut for an UWP app
(this might require elevated user permissions):

  • From the start button execute run

  • In the dialog enter "shell:AppsFolder", click OK

  • The application window will open. Right click the application and select "create shortcut"

  •  You will be prompted to place the link on the desktop, click yes to continue

There is a tutorial video available on our YouTube channel about how to use the Whiteboard:

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