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i3TOUCH E-ONE and E-ONE+ 2.1.1

i3TOUCH E-ONE and E-ONE+ 2.1.1

Released 24/Jun/24


  • Update WPS office to 16.4
  • Update to the latest i3 Applications 2024-Q1
  • Whitelist com.simplemobiletools.clock for split-screen
  • The device sleeps and wakes when any connected (HDMI) videoconferencing unit sleeps and wakes
  • Translations: Add Croatian and Estonian
  • As a user, I can change the wallpaper to any custom picture I have


  • Grey screenshot in Whiteboard from external sources (notably Macbooks)
  • Correct Norwegian translation for split screen pop up
  • Sound output setting not retained after a reboot
  • Motion sensor wakes up display from standby (FW 2.0.0)
  • At the settings of the multifunctional buttons, the secondary dropbox values are linked to each other and the functions do not execute isolated properly
  • Tunring WiFi off and on again breaks Miracast
  • turning off the device during a miracast sessions doesn't close the connection properly

Full list of packed applications in Firmware 2.1.1:

* com.i3_technologies.ota 1.10.3
* com.i3_technologies.i3store 2.8.3
* com.i3_technologies.i3featureservice 1.0.1
* com.i3_technologies.i3cair 1.2.3
* com.i3_technologies.i3lock 1.0.13
* com.i3_technologies.i3rdm 3.3.5
* com.i3_technologies.i3_setup_wizard 1.6.1
* com.i3_technologies.launcher 1.14.0
* com.i3_technologies.system.service 2.17.0
* com.i3_technologies.i3whiteboard 1.17.1
* com.kworld.nss.multiview
* zoom.videomeetings
* wps.moffice_eng 16.4

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