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i3TOUCH X-ONE 1.2.1 - 28-04-22

This package contains an update for the touch controller and drivers, which will be installed after your device has booted.


  • XONE-13 Added support for touch firmware upgrades

  • XONE-441 Updated i3STUDIO applications

  • XONE-451 Changed the touch type of the big stylus tip from "finger" to "stylus" (identical as small tip), for future advancements

  • XONE-22 Added translations for Danish, Spanish, German, French, and Dutch

  • XONE-382 Added support for Windows Ink features

  • XONE-336 Completed fully supporting 40 touch data points

  • XONE-404 Removed i3 Launcher background image and added i3 Launcher live wallpaper

  • XONE-453 Removed the slide-down feature while on input sources

  • XONE-408 Disabled the AOSP picture-in-picture function, due to unsporting core features.

Resolved Bugs

  • XONE-393 Resolved the issue where the Freeze function of the multifunction button showed a green screen

  • XONE-438 Resolved the issue that the big stylus tip can occasionally be triggered with finger-size touch data

  • XONE-304 Resolved the issue that the palm eraser function can occasionally be triggered with finger-size touch data

  • XONE-409 Resolved the issue where Chromium is occasionally missing UI elements, and then is unusable

Other Changes

  • XONE-416 Added "No video signal timeout" to Power settings

  • XONE-420 Moved "OPS start-up" setting from About Device to System settings

  • XONE-418 Within Power settings, added an option to the "Inactivity timeout" setting: "Do not turn off"

  • XONE-417 Added "Inactivity timeout" settings to Power settings

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