You must restart i3ALLSYNC to apply the changed settings. Restarting can be done after pressing the ‘Apply’ button in the bottom right corner of the Settings screen.

Device name

It will be identical to IFPD Device Name. The name is editable to create a customized name for the receiver, and only effective to the clients’ recognition. The IFPD Device Name remains the same.

Login code

Editable if the Login Code switch = ON (and not ‘Random’) Enter the 4 digit number to appoint the Login Code. After you’ve made this setting, the login code will always be these 4 digits.

Random = generate 4 digits randomly every time the software is launched.

ON = appoint 4 digits and remains the same.

OFF = no Login Code required.


Show current IFPD network name.

Auto = Allows user to change Wifi-Network name alias if un-ticked. This is only effective for the transmitter-user recognition. Actual WiFi name will not be changed.

After selected, the WiFi-network name will no longer be adjustable, and it will automatically be the original WiFi-network name.

Login info ribbon

Floating info ribbon on screen, this allows you to connect to i3ALLSYNC without opening the Receiver APP.

Disable = Disable this function.

Always visible = Floating ribbon will appear when the display is focusing on other applications or input sources.

Visible in Launcher only = Floating ribbon will appear only when the display is focusing on i3Launcher.

Split-screen overwrite

When ticked, the last mirroring transmitter will overwrite the first mirroring transmitter when total mirroring transmitters are over 6.

Google Cast

Switch to disable/enable Google Cast function.

Main screen mode

There are two main screen types you can choose from:

Show’em how it’s done = Goes directly to the “how to connect” page. User can choose the device they are using and follow the steps to setup connection.

Straight to business = Show necessary info for an experienced user to quickly start mirroring.

How to connect layout

You can decide which version of “how to connect” you would like to show on the main screen by ticking/unticking the specific device.


The i3ALLSYNC version.