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Action History

Action History

The Action History can be found by selecting History from the main menu.

About the Action history overview

The Action history overview will give you an overview of applied single commands, bulk commands and remote configurations. To show the difference between commands and configurations we use icons.

Single commands

Single settings are displayed without an icon.

Configurations applied to a single i3TOUCH display

As remote configurations are a collection of settings, the table row is selectable so that the user can retrieve information on the status of the settings within that configuration.

Bulk commands

Commands applied to a device group show a group related icon. It also shows the affected i3TOUCH displays.

A user can click on such a bulk command to filter down into the list of displays to which this command was sent. Here they can find the status of the command for each individual display.

Please note that that a configuration can also be sent to a device group. In this case, the user can first filter down to the device group to which the configuration was sent. This will show all devices to which the configuration was sent and show the status for the configuration as a whole for each individual device.

From here on, the user can filter down even further to show the status of each individual command contained in the configuration for a specific display.

Activity history on the Device or Device group detail page

You can also see a detailed history per device on the Device or Device group detail page.

If you’re on a Device detail page, this overview will show all commands and configurations applied on this specific i3TOUCH display. If you’re on a Device group detail page, it will show all commands and configurations applied on the Device group.

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