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i3RDM Client 3.4.0

i3RDM Client 3.4.0

Released 8/Jul/24

Also check out this article for a more detailed description on the new features:


  • As the system I reload my state to represent the current feature set

  • As the system I use System Service when privileged extension is not installed

  • As the system I provide the available pen and finger preference modes to the server

  • As a user, I only see themes applicable for my device on my device details page

  • Added support for i3Whiteboard SMTP command

  • Added support for pen & finger preference command

  • Added support for enable/disable "VR tools" command

  • Added support for "Enable bottom menu notch" command


  • i3RDM permanently generating ANRs when device was registered during the step in the i3SETUPWIZARD 

  • RDMC version included in the header is not a SemVer compliant version due to new versioning logic

  • Remote configurations that have a new additional setting added to them are not parsed correctly resulting in a fail

  • Remote control overlay is windowed on ULTRA P2

  • deviceInfo json has i3CAIR info in the wrong place

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