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What's new in i3RDM 2.5.0?


What’s new in i3RDM 2.5.0?

This release incorporates a host of performance oriented bug fixes and new remote configurations/ device settings.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can configure now:

Added device settings

The newly added device settings can all be found under Advanced settings > i3WHITEBOARD Preferences.

Remember that you can set the exact same settings in Remote Configurations.

Pen & finger preference allows users to customize how they want to use the pens that come with the i3TOUCH display.

Single Mode

This very easy-to-use setting is the fastest way for novice users to get up and running in i3WHITEBOARD as both finger and pen are considered the same.

Basic Mode

Limited, yet flexible, Basic Mode brings back how some more experienced users were used to working with the finger as a highlighter or selection tool while using the pen for writing.

For i3TOUCH E-ONE and X-ONE displays

Basic Mode will allow you to set the front of the pen with the Pen tool. The back of the pen will do the same as the finger, allowing you to use a different tool.

For i3TOUCH X2 and X3 displays

Basic Mode will combine all pens, apart from the grey pen, into one. The grey pen acts as the finger, which can use a different tool.

For i3TOUCH ULTRA and P2 displays

Basic Mode will combine all pens while the finger can use a different tool.

Expert Mode

Expert Mode is the most advanced setting and has dedicated features for your finger and each pen that comes with the display.

Configure your own e-mail server so that users that want to share i3WHITEBOARD files, do so on internally managed networks.

Note that this setting is only available on i3RDM Server. users can not change this in the settings menu.

Added Remote configurations

The above listed device details are also available as remote configurations. For more information, see:

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