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i3RDM Server 2.5.0

i3RDM Server 2.5.0

Released 8/Jul/24

Also check out this article for a more detailed description on the new features:


  • Added support for a custom SMTP Mailserver for i3WHITEBOARD exports

  • Added support for a pen/finger preference for i3WHITEBOARD

  • Added support for VR Tools preference for i3WHITEBOARD

  • As a device/company admin, I can enable/disable VR tools on my device details Whiteboard settings

  • Only show available themes in the i3launcher section in deviceInfo

  • Added support for the Launcher bottom menu notch

  • Implement cleanup job to remove old failed jobs


  • App tiles without an app target set are not removed when creating a configuration snapshot

  • Incorrect Dutch translation for validation error message when enabling restricted mode without PIN when creating a new configuration

  • Compass is spelled incorrectly

  • 500 exception when creating configuration snapshot

  • Group commands are wrongfully being marked as failed

  • Applying a remote config with a widget tile to an application that wasn't yet installed fails

  • Translation of Restricted Mode command in Dutch is wrong

  • Applying a remote config with an unsupported language to a device leaves the command often in "executing"

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