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The i3STORE allows you to browse, install, update and keep track of your app installations on your i3TOUCH display or i3SIXTY.

Compatibility Requirements

Compatibility with IFP’s from i3-Technologies. The i3STORE is a proprietary app and will only be available on a recent type of interactive flat panel from i3-Technologies.

We assure full compatibility with our latest models:

  • i3TOUCH E10R

  • i3TOUCH EX

  • i3TOUCH PX, PXr

Compatible and integrated with Remote Device Management​
The i3RDM has the ability to connect to the i3STORE and remotely install apps from the i3STORE to each enrolled device.

More info on i3RDM:

i3RDM - Manual - English

Integration with i3LAUNCHER

The i3STORE will be integrated as a button at the bottom of the i3LAUNCHER screen and allows you to browse, install and keep track of your app installations on your touch screen.

You will get notifications when updates are available or apps can be updated automatically. This means you no longer have to dive into the settings menu of each individual app to invoke an update.

User Interface

Dashboard overview

When you click on the i3STORE button in the i3LAUNCHER you will go the dashboard overview and see all available apps for your device​.

When updates are available​ the app will send notifications. You can check them in the Notifications tab.

Click on the orange search button to use the integrated search function to quickly search for the app you need.​

Click on the Settings tab to open the settings menu.

Settings menu

In the settings menu you can manage your installed apps, and choose how you want to update your apps.

Enable “automatically fetch updates” to download updates automatically and get notified to install. You can also choose an automatic update interval (hourly/daily/weekly).

Update Mechanism

Update all Apps with one click

One of the important advantages of the i3STORE is the fact that it offers a central update mechanism. This means that all apps can be updated with one click instead of having to go to each app to invoke an upgrade.

Or choose for automatic (unattended) Updates

You can also choose to have all your apps upgraded automatically once a new version becomes available, so no more hassle to keep up with new versions.

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