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There is a tutorial video available on our YouTube channel about how to use the whiteboard feature:

Initial calibration.

Upon first start-up of the whiteboarding application, you will be asked to calibrate the four-finger erase gesture. Follow the instructions on screen to calibrate and activate this quick-erase gesture.

Floating tools menu.

Clicking on the floating tools menu will activate it and show 7 options.

Close i3NOTES, this will also delete all notes


Marker, you can write with semi-transparant ink

Pen tool, change the writing color

Pencil tool, change the drawing color

Eraser, erase parts of the canvas

Delete, delete content of current page

Marker, Pen, Pencil & Eraser

By selecting one of the canvas tools (marker, pen, pencil or eraser) it will open a second level of options. Each tool has its own options, so changing width or color on one tool will not change it for another.
The slider is used to select the tool line thickness, the number at the top indicates the selected thickness ranging from 1 to 10. The 5 colored circles are pre-defined options to quickly change marker or pen colors.

The plus icon ("+") can be used to select a custom color for that tool. After selecting a custom color, the plus icon will be replaced by the selected color. In order to change this again, long press on the custom color circle and the color selection window will show up again.

The tip of the passive pen will work in the same way as the pen tool. If you want to change the color and thickness, you should do this through the pen tool icon.


This will close the whiteboard application and deletes all pages permanently. There is no option to retrieve deleted content. You will be asked if you want to save/export your notes first, before closing.

Save / export

The whiteboard application supports multiple save and export options (adjustable in admin settings).

Email as PDF

You can email the content of the whiteboard to yourself and/or others using one of the 3 available mail options.


This option will use the i3-Technologies mail service. Enter the email address to whom you want to send the PDF to. You can enter multiple email addressess separated by a space (" ").

Use Microsoft Exchange

This option uses your Outlook account to send the mail. You will need to login first so that the whiteboard application will receive permission to use your account to send the mail. After successfully logging in and giving the required permissions you can select to stay logged into your Microsoft Exchange account on this device. By default it will not remember and after sending the mail your login credentials will be deleted from the system.

Enter the email address that you want to send the PDF to, you can enter multiple email addresses separated by a space (" "). There are also 2 other options:

  • Get meetings: This will get all your calendar events from today. On selecting one it will add all email addresses of that event and add them to the mailing list.

  • Get contacts: Will fetch your contacts from Microsoft Exchange.

A Microsoft Exchange account is a work or school email account.
The organization that gave you the Exchange email account is running a Microsoft Exchange Server,
or is using Microsoft Office 365 which uses Exchange Server to provide email.


With this option you can use your own SMTP mailing server to send the PDF. Enter the login credentials and SMTP server address to open a connection. If the default SMTP setting gives a connection error you will be given more advanced SMTP options to connect to your SMTP server.

The "Sender’s Email" will be pre-filled with the email address that you used to login on your SMTP server.

Some SMTP servers allow to send mail from a different email address. In the receiving email address field enter the email address that you want to send the PDF to, you can enter multiple email addresses separated by a space (" ").

Export to i3CLOUD

After logging in on your i3CAMPFIRE or i3LEARNHUB account, you can export the whiteboard into your personal library.

Direct download as PDF

With this option you can download your notes directly to your phone using a QR code. There are 2 options for this.

Use internal network

This option will make the direct download available only on the current network, in order to download the PDF both devices will have to be connected to the same local network. After closing the QR dialog the PDF will immediately be unavailable for download.

Required: your network firewall will need to allow peer-to-peer connections.

Use cloud

The cloud option will export the PDF to the i3-Technologies cloud server and make it publicly available to download for everyone that scans the QR code. After 2 hours the PDF will automatically be removed from our server.

Export to USB

This export option allows the user to save the PDF onto an external storage device. Only FAT32 storage devices are currently supported. The PDF will be saved in the root folder of the connected storage device.


The delete option will remove all contents of the current open page without deleting the page from your tab bar. After pressing OK your notes will be permanently removed.

Whiteboard bar

The tab bar is used to switch between different pages. Each page is numbered by an incremental id that defines the export order. The current visible page will be indicated by a darker colour.
Press the plus icon ("+") on the right side to add new pages.

Long press a page number in the tab bar to remove it. This will not only remove the contents of that page but also remove the page itself from the list and update the page numbers of the remaining pages.
This action is permanent.

Whiteboard canvas

This is the biggest part of the whiteboard. Here, you can write using the canvas tools.

Passive stylus

The passive stylus writes with black digital ink by default.

Finger writing / drawing

At start-up of the whiteboard application, touching the canvas with a finger (or fingers) will activate the eraser function on default. This allows for the quickest note-taking experience: open whiteboard, write with stylus, erase with finger.

Changing the drawing tool, or its thickness or color will modify the finger-touch behavior, until the whiteboard is closed and reopened again. The whiteboard canvas supports multi-touch writing.

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