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General Safety Precautions

General Safety Precautions

  • Before operating, please read this manual thoroughly, and keep it for future reference.

  • Image shown in this manual is indicative only. There may be differences between the pictures and the actual product, please prevail in kind.

Installation and placement.

  • Do not put heavy objects on top of the unit.

  • Do not put the unit near appliances that generate magnetic fields.

  • Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight and other sources of heat.

  • Do not place the unit on an unstable cart, stand, tripod, bracket, table, or shelf. 

  • Do not put any liquid near or on the unit, make sure do not spill any liquid inside the unit.

Electrical safety warnings.

  • Please keep power cable from physical or mechanical damage.

  • Please check and ensure AC source is connected with the ground.

  • This power cable comes with the device exclusively for this device only.

  • Please unplug power supply when the weather is thunder-storm or lightning.

  • Check that the unit’s operating voltage is identical with your local power supply. 

  • Please use the original power cable from the accessory bag, don’t modify or lengthen it.

  • Please unplug power supply, when there is nobody home or the unit will be in idle for a long time.

Cleaning and maintenance warnings.

  • Unplug the power cable before cleaning.

  • Clean the screen with a soft, dustless and dry cloth. 

  • For deep clean, please contact an authorized service center.

  • Never use water or the spray type detergent to clean the unit.

  • Never use any other hard or sharp object to replace the touch pen. 

  • Better for the panel lifetime and display performance, do not display high brightness image for long time.

Temperature precautions.

  • Normal operating temperature is 0 ~ 40℃.

  • Do not place the unit near or over a radiator or a heater.

  • If your unit is suddenly moved from a cold to a warm place, please unplug the power cable and do not turn it on at least 2 hours, making sure the moisture inside the unit is all evaporated. 

Humidity precautions.

  • Do not expose the unit in rain, or place in high humidity area.

  • Please make sure indoor environment is dry and cool. Normal operating humidity is 10%~90%RH.

Ventilation precautions.

  • Please put the unit in a well-ventilated place, so the heating can be released easily.

  • Ensure that the unit has enough space for ventilation. 

  • Space requirement: left, right and back > 10 cm, top > 20 cm.

Standby mode.

  • It will enter standby mode but not turn off the unit after press the standby key.

Batteries for remote control.  

  • Please make sure the battery gets proper disposal or recycle after using.

  • Please keep the battery away from kids and don’t throw the battery into fire.

Power switch status signs.

  • “I” means power on

  • “O” means power off.

Notes for internal maintenance and repairs.

  • This machine can only be maintained by certified engineer.

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