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Quick Troubleshooting

Quick Troubleshooting

Device fails to work normally

Remote control failure

Check whether there are other objects between remote control and equipment control receiving window, thus leading to failure of remote control.

Check whether the battery electrode in the remote control is correct.

Check whether the batteries of the remote-control needs to be replaced.

Machine has automatically shut down


Verify sleep settings in the settings app.

Check whether there is sudden power outage.

The system will automatically shut down if the interactive external video channel has no signal for 5 minutes. Please check the input and connection of the video signal and/or modify sleep settings of the external device.

PC mode

Image lack of color, color is incorrect

Check whether the VGA connector is well connected or has broken pins.

Verify the correct operation of the VGA cable. (replace)

Touch operation

Touch function is not working

Verify that the USB cable is properly connected to the computer. And that the length of the USB cable does not exceed 5 meter without USB amplifier / hub.

Verify that the computer hardware and operating system supports touch screen operation.

(Windows 7 or earlier does not support HID touch screens).

(Some MacBooks do not support HID touch screens).

(Older Linux kernels do not support HID touch screens).

Video signal problems

No picture and no sound

Check whether the machine has started.

Check whether signal wire is well plugged, whether INPUT is corresponding to it.

If in internal computer mode, check whether internal computer is started.

With horizontal or vertical stripes or image dithering

Check whether signal wire is well connected.

Check whether other electronic equipment or power tools are placed around the machine.

No color, color is weak, or image is weak

Adjust chromatic and brightness or contrast in menu.

Check whether signal wire is well connected.

Audio problems

Image but no sound

Check whether mute button is pressed for mute.

Press VOL + / - to adjust volume.

Check whether audio line is connected correctly.

Only one speaker has sound

Adjust sound balance in menu. 

Check whether computer sound control panel only sets up one sound channel.

Check whether audio line is connected correctly.

HDMI output without sound

Check whether the external device is connected correctly.

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