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i3Whiteboard 1.18.0

i3Whiteboard 1.18.0

Released 8/Jul/24

Also check out this article for a more detailed description on the new features:


  • Impoved the selection logic

  • New Feature : Locking objects in place, making them imutable

  • Lock, duplicate, copy and delete icons in the action menu

  • Added a message informing me that I can paste by long pressing on the canvas when I select the copy action from the actions menu

  • Improved resizing and rotation tools

  • Impoved object features menu which now includes the current tooltype

  • Added pen & finger preference in the i3WHITEBOARD settings menu

  • RDM uses  can export files through a dedicated custom SMTP mail server


  • When opening a whiteboard file, sometimes the new boards are not loaded properly, old objects stays visible

  • Share icon is flipped to the correct position (one to many)

  • Objects could become excessively large and flip unexpectedly when scaled across their axis

  • Difficulty manipulating narrow or minimally scaled objects on display

  • Scaling responsiveness from new refactoring

  • I3Annotate - ruler and triangle not working properly

  • Palm erase not working on X3

  • Minification of code at build time results in whiteboard crashing at runtime

  • RDM could return 500 error because of whiteboard

  • Default pen thicknesses incorrect on X2 and X3

  • i3Whiteboard 'jumps' while scrolling - rendering issue

  • The "Duplicate tool menu" Setting is in an incorrect place on E-ONE+

  • Inability to resize small sized drawing objects in whiteboard and annotate mode

  • new triangle background doesn't scale well in portrait mode

  • Text typed in the "hex color input" field in the color picker while in blackboard mode is not visible

  • Graphic icon of "thin" thickness button is incorrect in Blackboard mode

  • Stylus colors do not reset properly on X2 after closing and re-opening the app

  • Text input overflows email icon

  • When using identical parameters to draw a shape automatically, the shape is not identical each time

  • title background of dialogs (open, save, new, ...) doesn't look completely correct on ULTRA

  • Features menu should not disappear when selecting an item

  • In the shapes menu the quarter-circle shape actually draws a talud shape. The symbol now matches

  • on E-ONE The size of the (palm-)eraser does not match the size of the palm. (too small)

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