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i3TOUCH X2 1.0.10

i3TOUCH X2 1.0.10

released 26/Oct/23

System updates

  • Added settings to customize input source names

  • Added a setting to change the system wallpaper

  • Added settings for OPS startup configuration

  • Added a setting to turn off Screen Timeout setting

  • Resolved an issue where the brightness settings slider didn’t change display brightness

  • Improved the installation duration of system upgrade packages OTA

  • Improved the behavior of the file manager window

  • Improved the responsiveness of the Multifunction button

  • Resolved an issue where the motion sensor wakes up the display at incorrect scenarios

  • Resolved an issue where the front USB-C input port miscommunicated with peripherals

i3STUDIO Update

  • Updated i3SYSTEMSERVICE to 2.12.1

  • Updated i3LAUNCHER to 1.11.0

  • Updated i3STORE to 2.7.1

  • Updated i3WHITEBOARD to 1.14.0

  • Updated i3RDM to 3.1.1

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