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i3TOUCH X-ONE 1.4.7

i3TOUCH X-ONE 1.4.7

Released 16/Aug/23

New Features

  • Implemented support for multiple users (User Profiles - feature)

  • New Locking app which allows pin locking up to 8 characters and multiple users login

  • Switch the position of the apps in the split screen mode

Latest versions of i3 Applications

  • i3LOCK 1.0.8 - New!

  • i3WHITEBOARD 1.12.1 - New image-importing features

  • i3RDM 3.0.5 - Easier registration with QR-codes, FREE trial license!


  • i3SYSTEM SERVICE 2.7.5

  • i3STORE 2.6.1

  • i3OTA CLIENT 1.9.1

  • i3SETUP WIZARD 1.5.0


  • 1.4.7 : WiFi Radio reverted to 5.0GHz

  • 1.4.7 : Freeze Screen multifunction button repaired

  • 1.4.7 : DRM content playable in chromium and taking a screenshot from HDCP protected sources was enabled. (resulted a grey screen before)

  • 1.4.7 : Custom wallpaper retained after rebooting the display

  • 1.4.7 : Display turns off after disconnecting an external video source. (if defined as such in the android settings - Power section)

Previous 1.4.2 Bugfixes:

  • Wake On LAN

  • The volume of the 3.5mm audio output jack should be controlled by the volume controls (same as internal speakers)

  • Quickly double tapping the multifunction button is causing unexpected behavior

  • Motion sensor abnormal behavior

  • The DP button on the Remote Control is not working (does not switch to DP input channel)

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