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Device info widget

Device info widget

This widget allows you to change the Device name as well as retrieve basic info and change device settings.

Device name

This section displays the device name. Selecting it allows you to change the name.

Device Specs

This section gives you an overview of basic specifications:

  • Device model

  • Serial number

  • Operating system

  • Firmware version

  • Last updated


Similar to Remote configurations, you can change the same settings that you can configure on the device, right from within i3RDM. They’re divided between default and advanced settings.

Default settings

Here you can change the basic settings:

  • Device language

  • Time zone

  • Automatic Firmware Updates

  • Theme

  • Launcher Mode

Advanced settings

The more configurable settings are listed here:

  • Power schedule: Configure the startup and shutdown schedule

  • Motion sensor: Set Sleep Mode or digital signage when no motion is detected

  • Access management:

    • Activate User Profiles

    • Set PIN lock screen

    • restrict access to the device

  • Background image

  • i3WHITEBOARD Preferences

    • Enable/ disable Auto saving

    • Position menus at bottom

    • Enable Whiteboard Mode/ Blackboard Mode

    • Enable Education tools

    • Set Pen & Finger preference (allows users to customize how they want to use the pens that come with the i3TOUCH display)

      • Single Mode

      • Basic Mode

      • Expert Mode

    • Set SMTP settings (configure your own mailserver, only available on i3RDM Server)

  • Launcher Tiles: Configure the lay-out of the i3STUDIO dashboard

Updating a setting

move your mouse over a setting until the edit icon appears. If you select it, it will trigger the fly-out menu to the right of the screen.

In this menu, you can make the necessary changes and apply them by selecting “Apply”.

Select the close icon “x” at the top right, the “Close” button at the bottom or tap out of the fly-out menu to cancel.

Pending settings

As soon as you apply a setting, it is sent to the device. An icon may appear next to the Device setting, indicating that it is currently busy deploying the action, or that the action is pending if the device is unavailable. This icon will disappear once the setting is fully deployed on the device.

Copy to configuration

All the device settings can be copied to a configuration (like the snapshots in earlier versions, but with the advantage that you can change them remotely), to be applied on other devices.

Once created, they will be available to you in the Configurations overview.

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