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i3TOUCH EX 3.1.3

i3TOUCH EX 3.1.3

Released 26/July/23

This firmware contains the new User-Profiles feature allowing users to log in and -out of the display.
Each user has it’s own isolated working environment which improves security and personalization of the i3STUDIO experience.
Please check the known issues list below regarding the limitations and their workarounds.

New Features since 3.1.0

  • Implemented support for multiple users (User Profiles - feature)

  • New Locking app which allows pin locking up to 8 characters and multiple users login

Bugfixes in 3.1.3

  • Screencapture with multifunction button now also works as a logged in user.

  • Settings password of android settings can now be unlocked as a logged in user. (UI didn’t appear)

  • System webview component updated to enhance app compatibility. (specifically logging into Kahoot)

  • Updated i3Wizard to support interaction with other newer i3STUDIO applications.

  • Fixed a bug where it was no longer possible to freeze the screen from the multifunction button or remote control (blue button)

Latest versions of i3 Applications

  • i3LOCK 1.0.8 - New!

  • i3WHITEBOARD 1.12.1 - New image-importing features

  • i3RDM 3.0.5 - Easier registration with QR-codes, FREE trial license!


  • i3SYSTEM SERVICE 2.7.5

  • i3STORE 2.6.1

  • i3OTA CLIENT 1.9.1

  • i3SETUP WIZARD 1.3.2

Known issues regarding user profiles

  1. Issue: When Logged in, Settings are available but logged in users can’t effectively change all settings.
    workaround: With the panel in a logged out state, start a remote control session from the i3RDM device details page, this will unlock the device as the System user (Owner) with all settings available.
    Make the necessary changes and log out of the panel again.

  2. Issue: The Home page does not initialize properly after logging in, it stays black (reproducibility <10%)
    workaround: open the side-menu and trigger the “HOME action”, this will re-initialize the launcher.

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