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Device details page

Device details page

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  • The data available for an enrolled device on the Device detail page

You can find data for a device on the Device detail page of any enrolled device. Go to the main menu on your left and lick on “My devices”. On smaller resolutions, you may not immediately see the main menu. Instead you’ll find a hamburger icon to the top of the page. Click on it and the main menu will appear above the page.

Click on My devices. You’ll have an overview of all your devices. Choose the i3TOUCH display that you want to see in detail.

This should open the device details page giving a dashboard overview the most essential information.
The device details page is made up of two sections:

Device detail page widgets

Additional device information tables

device widgets

device information tables

If you just created a new i3RDM account and don’t have any devices enrolled into i3RDM, this is what you will see in the devices list:

In that case, follow the instructions to enroll and register an i3TOUCH display into i3RDM on the following page: Adding an i3TOUCH display to your i3RDM account

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