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Home Interface

Home Interface

All our i3TOUCH devices are available with a BIZ or EDU Studio, bringing ease of use and simplicity to your desired workspace. You can choose which studio you want to use at first boot or through the settings menu. 


The BIZ studio equips the display with a stylish background and extends the user interface with an extra configurable button.

You can customize the link and label of this button through the settings menu or in the startup wizard at first boot.  


The EDU studio equips the display with a colorful, fun background and extends the user interface with an extra button for i3LEARNHUB. 

Whiteboard STUDIO

If you opt for the Whiteboard STUDIO, the display will immediately start up with the whiteboard application open and ready to go.

Start whiteboarding. 

The whiteboard button opens an interactive whiteboard that allows you to take notes, make drawings or facilitate workshops. The output can be shared very easily with all participants.

  • Tap the whiteboard button.

  • Start writing in the active tab.

  • Activate the writing options by tapping the eraser. 

Start presenting. 

Content from other devices can be streamed to the display with a push-of-a-button. 

  • Tap the present button.

  • Choose your platform of choice.

  • Follow the setup guide on screen. 

Hamburger menu. 

Use your favourite applications during meetings. Press the hamburger icon on the left or right side of the display to open the menu.

Clicking the hamburger button will make the menu appear with a number of options:

  1. Exit the menu and navigate back.

  2. Navigate to the homescreen.

  3. Start the Whiteboard application. 

  4. Start the Present application. 

  5. Work with Annotate and make annotations on everything that appears on the screen.

  6. Switch between the input sources of the display. 

  7. Adjust volume of the loudspeakers.

Video input source.  

The following options are visible when a video signal is connected.

Clicking the video input button will make the menu appear with a number of options:

  • Switch to the Android video source

  • Switch to the USB-C video input source

  • Switch to the HDMI video input source

  • Switch to the VGA video input source

Other applications.  

At the bottom of the screen, in the middle, there are a few buttons to access other applications.

  • Open the browser app

  • Open the file explorer app

  • Open the WPS offices app

  • Open more apps

The settings menu. 

In the bottom right corner, you can find the button to access the settings menu. 

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