Get Started

When launching i3WHITEBOARD, you are presented with a quick-start menu.
Start with a new whiteboard file (2),
or select the storage location (1) and open any of your recently saved whiteboard files (3).

UI Elements

  1. Main Menu

  2. Export Menu

  3. File Information

  4. Selection Tools

  5. Drawing Tools

  6. Erasing Tools

  7. Background Menu

  8. Undo last action

  9. Redo last action

  10. Pages Menu

Main Menu

1. New board

Start a new, empty, whiteboard file

2. Open

Open a previously saved, existing whiteboard application

Select the storage location (A), and choose the desired folder location (B) and whiteboard file (C), and press (E) to open.

Whiteboard files can be deleted with the delete button (D).

3. Save

Save your whiteboard file, for later usage.

Select the storage location (A), and define a filename for the whiteboard (B).
Choose the folder location (C) where you would like to store the file, and press the save button (D).

4. Settings

The settings menu is the location where applications settings and customization can be found.

1. Autosaving: This setting will automatically keep saving your whiteboard, whenever you make changes.

For autosaving, the current whiteboard must be manually saved first on an available storage location. The autosave feature will continue to save your file, whenever any changes are made.

i. Software version number.

5. Help

From your device, find the link to this guide, and show it in your webbrowser.

6. Exit

Close the i3WHITEBOARD application.

Export Menu

Export via QR code

Select the Export method “QR Code” (A), choose a filename for your PDF export (B), and generate the QR Code (C).

With a mobile device, with a camera and QR Code scanning feature, anyone can download an exported PDF of the whiteboard file.

For QR export, an active internet connection is required.
After generating the QR Code, the file will remain available for download for one hour.

Export via Mail

Select the Export method “Mail” (A), choose a filename for your PDF export, and define the email address of the recipient (C). Press the Send Mail button (D) to send the email with a PDF of the whiteboard attached.

For Mail export, an active internet connection is required.

Selection Tools

A. Selection Pointer Tool
B. Selection Box Tool

C. Drag to Move
D. Drag to Resize
E. Drag to Rotate

F. Copy Object
G. Delete Object

Drawing Tools

A. Pencil Tool
B. Marker Tool
C. Stylus Tool (for physical stylus)

D. Line Thickness
E. Line Opacity
F. Colors
G. More colors.

Erasing Tools

A. Eraser Tool
B. Clear Whiteboard page
C. Eraser Thickness

Whiteboard Backgrounds

A. Filter background categories
B. Choose a whiteboard background
C. Apply background all whiteboard pages?